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Check out the original Stoney's Adventure Demo here:


Note: This serves as a secondary demo to Stoney's Adventure, some content may not reflect the full game.


Arrow Keys - Move in 8 directions 

A - Jump Shift - Sprint

Enter - Interact 

Q - Equip Go Kart (When Unlocked)

S - Use Shield Charger (When Unlocked)

ESC - Pause Menu/Inventory


-4 Playable Characters with unique attributes and abilities, 3 of which return from the previous demo.

-3 areas to explore and replay with multiple routes and power ups to find.

-2 different versions of the soundtrack, as well as original tracks exclusive to this demo.


stoney0503 - everything

Markyevansy - additional sound design and scripting

Script Credits:
JV Master

Install instructions

Full Game Install instructions:

1. Simply click the .exe and choose a place to install the game

2. If you do not have it already, install the font that comes with the game (this is the intended font)

3. Play & have fun.


Stoney's Adventure - Holiday Challenge (V1.0.0) 66 MB

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